Special: Opportunity to be an Empowered Parent in 2024...

Empowered Parents Creating

the Best Education Experience for their

Learning Different Child

A unique and powerful online journey, designed for motivated, busy parents,

who are ready and eager to help their Child Learn their Best Way.

The 4-Step Process to Being an Empowered Parent

These will be your intentions after completing this Experience...

As an Empowered Parent, I will:

  • work with other professionals to identify my child's strengths and weaknesses, differences and challenges, disabilities & abilities, skills, gifts, and talents.

  • support my child's learning style, behaviors, skill development from year to year, in all areas of life, based on who he/she is becoming and how he/she is able to present all skills, gifts, and talents.

  • hold an ever-evolving vision about how my child is being supported to learn, grow, and develop; walking their own divinely-guided path into the greatest, best, and most amazing version of their Self.

It is possible to Create the Best for your Child...when you realize you

need the support of others.

You are not meant to do this alone!

Although valuable beyond measure , the Empowered Parents Creating the Best Education Experience for their Learning Different Child is

offers a discounted price of just $97 , down from $297!

This self-paced 4-5 hour journey includes:

  • audio/video presentation recorded by Lynda

  • follow along Guide - Workbook - Journal

  • Empowered Parents Self Evaluation and Summary

  • lifetime access

  • reusable resource for other life-challenging situations

  • opopportunity to do the program virtually by accessing a facilitated FB support Group

  • chance to connect and share with others on a similar journey to empowerment in the private FB support Group

Go through an Immersive Experience at your own Pace and in your own Time

Use the same process for Future Life-Challenging Situations

Find so many Available Resources... You are NOT Alone!

  • Easy to follow presentation with interactive Guide-Workbook-Journal.

  • Divided into 4 Building Blocks. Discover and Explore on your schedule!

  • The Experience is a reusable resource to support your child in other situations: medical, independent living, job/career...

  • A resource to support your empowered thoughts and actions until you no longer require that support.

  • There is a treasure-trove of resources available to You.

  • Find one, some, or many people (professionals, organizations, parents) who will help you create solutions.

Mom/Dad…Do you want to create the Best Education Experience for your Child?

This Experience Works for ALL children who Learn Differently...

because there is a BEST way to Learn for Every One of Us!

Is the way your Child Learns described below?

Learning Different or Learning Challenged

These children are challenged primarily with academic learning because of "undiagnosed-by-professionals" learning differences. Oftentimes, parents and/or teachers are concerned about the child's performance with some, most, or all things educational. Sometimes the challenges show up as social, emotional, or behavioral problems or what appears to be lacking skills (attention, motivation, organization). Some schools may offer additional supports for these students.

Learning Disabled

These children are challenged primarily with academic learning because of "diagnosed-by-professionals" learning disabilities. There may be some physical or health-related conditions as well (hearing impairment, speech/language disorders, physical/medical impairment) or developmental and cognitive issues (ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Function Disorder) that require professional support such as therapy. There may also be some social, emotional, and behavioral issues that require attention. Schools at this point typically provide the required (by law depending on where you live) accommodations and supports for all things educational.

Exceptional or Special Needs Learners

These children are referred to as Exceptional or Special Needs learners because they are typically challenged with extensive, sometimes all-encompassing disabilities, disorders, or medical conditions that make academic learning much more difficult. Sometimes, but not always, these children require greater attention and support throughout their lives. Again, by law (depending on where you live), comprehensive educational and therapeutic supports are provided in the school environment to help these students learn in their "least restrictive" environment.

Mom/Dad, are you ready to create Your Child's Best

Education Experience ( BEE )?

About Lynda Allen

Let me tell you a little bit about me and why I am committed to sharing this Empowered Parents Experience...


I'm an old Special Education Teacher and one of the first early interventionist specialists. I felt "called" to work with special needs kids at age 12 and have worked in social services for most of my professional life.

It is my life purpose to help others see their magnificence.

I have always had the drive to make a difference…to help children and their families grow in health, well-being, and success. Regardless of their sometimes-dire circumstances, together we have always found ways to move positively forward. So, I’ve poured my heart, soul and mind into learning all I could and after 45+ years of doing this kind of heartfelt and meaningful work, I have some unique ideas and tools to share.

For almost 20 years now, I have been using some version of the 4 Step Process described here with my students and their parents at my Make Your Mark in Life Learning Center in Vero Beach, FL, U.S. Together, we always find the way to move from a place of fear and frustration to a place of possibility and success.

It has been life-changing for so many of my students…and me. I believe this is my reason for being Mrs. Lynda, as my younger students call me, in this lifetime.

This is why I created this online Empowered Parent Experience…to share it with many more parents…to help many more students. It is my greatest wish that as you embrace these ideas and actions towards empowerment, you find at least one Mrs. Lynda to be a guiding light.

I have a Vision for our Learning Different Children. Here is what I am seeing:

I have a Vision for our Learning Different Children. Here is what I am seeing:

Parents from all over the world go through this empowering experience and begin to think differently about the possibilities and opportunities for their learning different, learning challenged, learning disabled, exceptional or special needs children.

Every parent embraces their empowerment and becomes more successful in addressing their child's needs with great solutions... as well as their ability to collaborate and lead others to help their child.

As confidence improves and capabilities of parents increase everywhere... and many work together... and more solutions, programs, services become available.. there will be great change, expansion, or even a metamorphosis in how our "learning different people" are perceived, cared for, and educated in our communities and our countries.

Why am I so Committed and Why Now?

I have only shared this Empowered Parent Experience with families in my community. In my research, I have

not found any other programs like this. I think parents of special children are ready and wanting to become

empowered. And with the growing capacity and ability to connect with families all over the world, it feels

important to “reach out” to make a bigger difference now. 

There are learning different children everywhere...struggling in school more than is necessary...with too many

concerned or frustrated parents to count...and what appears to be dwindling resources and a lack of

motivation or new ideas.

I think the time for Parent Empowerment is NOW.

For this reason, although valuable beyond measure, this Empowered Parent Experience is being offered at a

low cost to help us all come together to create the change we wish to see in our families... and in the world

for our learning different children.

This change can start with You...

Will you help me make a difference for all

learning different and special needs children?

Still want to learn more about becoming an Empowered Parent?

I understand!

If it was me, I would want to:

  • think about what you've read so far

  • figure out how you will fit this in

  • consider some of these new ideas for a bit

I have put together a few additional

empowerment tools for you!

  • Empowered Parents Experience FB Community

  • Support Group (invite)

  • Empowered Parents Eval (survey)

  • Next Steps to Becoming Empowered (pdf)

  • To Be or Not to Be...an Empowered Parent (article)

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